We discover big opportunities for innovation and the insights that secure investment.


We undertake global qualitative research and analysis, discovering what your customers need, in order to generate a rich empathy for your customers and a deep market understanding. These insights ensure that your team are focussed on solving the right problems, before attempting to build a solution.

The evidence that we gather is used as validation for strategic innovation plans and to secure the investment required to proceed to delivery.


About us

Phil Johnson    Director

Phil Johnson


Formerly a Head of Product, Commercial Director and Innovation Lead, I've run P&Ls and have developed and launched innovation and growth initiatives across numerous sectors and for a range of brands.

I've managed countless research and insight projects, identifying big opportunities and putting that customer evidence at the heart of strategic plans, securing £250m+ of investment and business cases.

I've spent 5 years as an independent consultant providing my expertise on a project-basis, helping global teams to grow their business.

NLP Practitioner  |   DipCIM   |   MRS Member 


Depending on the requirements of each project, we will involve specialist contacts from our network.

What we do

We offer a number of options to suit a range of budgets, timescales and levels of expertise:

Bespoke Discovery research.png

We build each project to deliver exactly what is needed by you. Typically, a project will involve Qualitative interviews, on-line Quantitative validation, market and competitor analysis.

We leave you with a set of validated insights and evidence for your investment case.

Regular reporting across key customer groups and sectors - delivering critical insights without the time or cost associated with bespoke projects.

We provide insights that can be applied to existing projects, spark new ideas or enable tracking over time.

Curiosity Crusade.png

We take your team out of the office to explore key markets, themes and boundaries. This engaging process provides new insights that can spark ideas, or validate known insights.

We structure the week with your team and provide a report with evidence.

Team Training.png

Hands-on training in the techniques, nuances and pitfalls of performing high quality discovery research.


This option up-skills your team to enable them to run future discovery projects themselves.

Some of the clients and brands that we've helped to grow from EdTech, Play, Outdoors, Media, Telecoms and Coffee :-)