Behavioural Science and how it can influence Children and Education


The rather clever team at The Behavioural Insights Team have released this practical guide to 'Behavioural Insights in Education', in conjunction with Pearson.

As a parent, the guide provides an insight into Behavioural Science related to young children and some practical ideas regarding how to support your child to progress. These 3 insights particularly resonated, and the guide provides simple examples of how to affect change:

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 10.13.59.png

As a researcher in Education, I'm fascinated by the fields related to Behavioural science including behavioural economics, social psychology and anthropology. Being able to understand and explain behaviour is critical for the definition of a problem upon which to build a solution, but also for defining outcomes against which any solution can be evaluated. Behavioral Science encompasses, in some cases, how to change behaviour.

Check out the full document for a more thorough read on the topic.